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 Range of Measured Volume / Burette Set
Drippy Paedia - 110
Strong and Sharp spike for easy insertion in I.V. Container.
C - clamp for closing the fluid flow from I. V. Bottles when required volume of I. V. Fluid is filled in burette.
Air inlet with bacteria barrier and injection port of extra medication is provided on top of burette.
Flexible graduated burette with 100 ml marking at 1 ml stage and 10 ml overflow limit.
Shut off floater to prevent air embolism and indicate fluid level.
Round collapsible drip chamber with micro drip to facilitate fluid level adjustment and drop count. The drop rate is 60 drops per ml (micro drip).
Disc type fluid filter for filtration of fluids for any particular matters.
Kink resistant tubing with efficient roller controller for accurate flow control.
Thick self sealing latex bulb for extra medication and flushing.
Pouch packed.
Options Available :
DEHP free tube.
With Y injection site (latex or latex free).
With male luer lock or rotating luer lock (combi lock).
PVC free Burette chamber.
With needle.
Customized tube length - 180/200 cm.
Ref/Art No. Packing
Inner/Outer unit
IT0201-110 25/500
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