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 Anesthesia & Respiratory Care
Endotracheal tube - Std Plain
Designed to be used Naso-orally for intubation through Nasal/Oral route till Respiratory track.
For use in short term procedures.
  Common Features
Manufactured from Bio-compatible Medical grade material which remain hard at outside temperature but after intubation it softens to get anatomy of the track. (Thermosensitive material)
Kink resistant and transparent material to reduce any possibility of occlusion in the tube bore.
Equipped with RO line throughout the tube length for X-ray detection of proper placement and to localization of the placement of the device.
Proximal end is equipped with standard 15.0mm OD connector in compliance with to ISO-5356, It can be connected with any Standard 15.0mm Standard ID connector.
Murphy eye with smooth edges and tip to reduce any trauma to the patient during procedure.
Lateral eyes at the back side of the Murphy eye to assisted ventilation of airway.
Individually packed in Paper pouch or soft blister.
Ref/Art No.
(Std. Plain)
Ref/Art No.
(Std. Cuffed)
Ref/Art No.
(Re-inf. Plain)
Ref/Art No.
(Re-inf. Cuffed)
Size Packing
Inner/Outer unit
AR1201-2.0   AR1203-2.0   2.0mm 10/100
AR1201-2.5   AR1203-2.5   2.5mm 10/100
AR1201-3.0   AR1203-3.0   3.0mm 10/100
AR1201-3.5   AR1203-3.5   3.5mm 10/100
AR1201-4.0   AR1203-4.0   4.0mm 10/100
AR1201-4.5   AR1203-4.5   4.5mm 10/100
AR1201-5.0 AR1202-5.0 AR1203-5.0 AR1204-5.0 5.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-5.5   AR1204-5.5 5.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-6.0   AR1204-6.0 6.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-6.5   AR1204-6.5 6.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-7.0   AR1204-7.0 7.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-7.5   AR1204-7.5 7.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-8.0   AR1204-8.0 8.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-8.5   AR1204-8.5 8.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-9.0   AR1204-9.0 9.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-9.5   AR1204-9.5 9.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-10   AR1204-10 10.0mm 10/100
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