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U-Cath Silico 2 - Two Way Silicon Foley Balloon Catheter
Two way silicon foley balloon catheter manufactured from 100% silicon for long term urine drainage in the patients suffering from urinary problems.
Made from 100 % silicon.
Smooth tapered tip of catheters facilitates easy introducing into the urethra.
Large eyes at distal end accurately placed permits effective drainage.
The balloon expands Symmetrically for retention in bladder.
Full length radio-opaque line.
Maximum softness and biocompatibility for enhance patient comfort.
Technically advanced process makes the balloon an integral part of the tip. No "glue" ridge to irritate the urethral upon insertion and removal.
Remarkably smooth, surface of silicon makes it highly resistant to encrustation.
The shaft allows for an a larger lumen, which can permit longer use and promotes better drainage of sediment and blood clots.
The ribbed funnel ensures an easy, leak-proof connection while the clear connector and clear shaft allows visual examination of drainage.
Ref/Art No.
2 Way Pediatric
Ref/Art No.
2 Way
Ref/Art No.
3 Way
Size Colour Code Packing
Inner/Outer unit
UL0204-6     6 FR
UL0204-8     8 FR
UL0204-10     10 FR
  UL0205-12   12 FR
  UL0205-14   14 FR
  UL0205-16 UL0206-16 16 FR
  UL0205-18 UL0206-18 18 FR
  UL0205-20 UL0206-20 20 FR
  UL0205-22 UL0206-22 22 FR
  UL0205-24 UL0206-24 24 FR
Single use | Sterile | Non Pyrogenic
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