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Infusion Therapy
Range of IV Cannulae
Range of IV Infusion Set
Range of Measured Volume/Burette Set
Range of Blood Transfusion Set
Range of 3 way stop Cock with & without Extension
Pressure Monitoring & Extension Lines
Range of Central Venous Catheter & Range of Flow Regulator
Range of Needle Free Connector Systems
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IV Cannula with port

IV Cannula without port with wings

IV Cannula without port & wings

Peadiatric IV Cannula

Pen type IV Cannula

Drippy IV Set

Premium IV Set

Drippy IV Set

Micro Premium IV Set

Onco Guard

Flow Reg. Set

Drippy Paedia

Drippy Paedia Pro

Drippy Paedia - PET

Pressure Monitoring & Extension Lines